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Welcome to the online home of Mr. Burgess' Global Studies classes at RHAM High School.  You should check this site frequently for updates on assignments and course expectations. 

A schedule of classroom activities and homework assignments will be posted on a weekly basis on your class page, linked to the left. 
When possible, Powerpoint presentations and handouts used in class will be posted on your class page.
If you have questions about class content or assignments, please speak with Mr. Burgess.


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GLOBAL STUDIES topics covered:
Geography, History and Politics, Economics, Culture, and Contemporary Issues in the following world regions:
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • China
  • South Asia
  • Latin America

Weekly plans are flexible and subject to change.  Any changes to homework assignments will be announced in class and updated on this site in a timely fashion.
Students who do not turn in homework assignments by the deadline are encouraged to turn the assignment in anyway.  I will grade the assignment, and at the end of the quarter reward academic diligence by restoring credit for one missed homework assignment. (Quarters 1 and 2 only)